Friday, August 28, 2009

Color Photographs

I spent a month in Jamaica where I learned how to carve wood and ended up housesitting a woman's villa on the ocean.

I've gone down to Mexico many times, including a couple of summers. Here are a few shots from one summer.

I got to go to China when I went with the Jester Hairston Choir to sing first soprano in the music conservatories in Beijing and Shanghai (and at a university). Jester, below with another member of our group, travels around the world as an ambassador of peace representing our government.

I was invited to go to Prague, Czecholslavakia in 1983 because I'd organized a 16 mile long vigil with thousands of people standing along the entire length of Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles in 1982 for the Nuclear Freeze initiative which won. I got to meet the first black cosmonaut (from Cuba) who went into space and see people like Russell Means and Yasir Arafat. It was an amazing experience.

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  1. Hi Barbara, I met you at the Peace Fair yesterday, you were with Janice Carr. I looked at your color photos, love the perspectives and composition and subjects. Wowza. I have 2 sets up at under name 'intestinal health'The one of the family reunion has some good portraits and so does the las donas.Hope our paths cross again. Sheila Shea